Project Management

Do you have a new project, but all of your other ongoing projects keep you from pursuing it?
Do you dream of a single-family home but fear the complicated process and the time you would have to spend on it?
Whether you're a real estate developer building a residential high-rise or a person seeking to build his dream home – we offer you Spazio Group's project management services.
Our extensive experience in managing and implementing complex and prestigious projects, our professional reputation and uncompromising transparency make Spazio Group the right project management choice for you. Our strict adherence to the highest standards of quality will give you peace of mind and sense of security.
Our experts provide supervision at every stage: selecting appropriate professional personnel, overseeing the various work processes, ensuring that the finest materials are chosen, and ensuring adherence to the project timetable.
We offer the following project management services:
  1. Initial inspection and assistance with project finalization negotiations
  2. Selecting, together with you, the architect and other project consultants
  3. Support when finalizing contracts with consultants and designers
  4. Overall design assessment, including typical floor, ground floor, garage and other issues
  5. Implementation cost estimate and financial analysis
  6. Timetable for the project and for project management
  7. Design management, coordination of consultants, and handling licensing process
  8. Payment tracking via our state-of-the-art financial system
  9. Monitoring budget and current work vis-à-vis the lending bank
  10. Regular reporting on project progress, requests, demands, etc.
For the full list of our services, please contact us: