Our team

Superior construction begins with international standards
The roots of the Spazio Group's superior construction philosophy have its origins in Italy, where the company's partners accumulated experience in constructing prestigious projects for the European elite.  Attorney Eliad Maslaton, the company's owner and third partner, contributes complementary experience in managing the economic, planning and legal facets of large, complex and meticulously supervised projects.
The Spazio Group is inspired by its goal of bringing the values of excellence and integrity to the Israeli real estate market at all levels – financial, legal, planning and execution.  Along the way, Spazio Group has cultivated cooperative relationships with leading real estate companies, major architectural firms, and top rank professionals who enthusiastically join us in our vision of excellence and our capacity to bring it to fruition.
Eliad Maslaton – owner and partner at Spazio Group
Attorney, holder of bachelor’s degrees in law and business administration with a specialization in real estate from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.  Has extensive experience in the initiation and legal-commercial guidance of highly complex real estate projects. Expert in planning and construction including urban renewal projects.
Itzhak and David Siyoni – owners and partners at Spazio Group
Businessmen originally from Italy, with extensive experience in construction, particularly in the luxury housing sphere – in Israel and abroad. They bring with them an impressively strong background in management as well as the design of magnificent luxury buildings for the European market.  Their uncompromising insistence on quality and well-known Italian "design sense" are evident in every Spazio Group project in the Israeli market.